Optimizing for the machine

April 1, 2021trends

If you’ve been involved making the interwebs, then you’ve dealt with SEO. In yee olden days it was mostly about linking strategies and just making sure your keywords were present. As the search engines Google got more sophisticated, so too did the strategies to elevate search position. And I’m just going to say it. It’s … Read More


March 29, 2021Festival, Film

Abasement got selected for the 4th Dimension International Film Festival in Bali. In my exuberance, I tweeted “we’re going to Bali” so I had to clarify that by “we,” I meant our movie… (Pandemics and whatnot limiting international travel.)

Font nerdy

March 26, 2021personal

I remember the first time I was moved nearly to tears by a typeface. It was at an art supply store in the East Village in the early ‘90s. In those days, the web didn’t really exist yet, so research was something you had to do on foot. I was playing guitar in a hazy, … Read More

Best Horror

March 26, 2021Festival, Film

Abasement took home “best horror” at the Nevada Short Film Festival, presented by Film Festival Circuit. Screening: Sat March 27 at West Wind El Rancho 4 Drive-In Theater, 555 El Rancho Drive, Sparks, Nevada

creative journeys

March 15, 2021client work

Every now and again a project comes along that makes the whole commercial creative thing “worth it.” I mean, when a client is paying your rate, it’s almost always worth it on a transactional level, but as the great Paula Scher points it out, when you do it just for the money, it’s never enough … Read More

Nevada Short Film Festival

February 11, 2021Festival, Film

Abasement has been selected for the Nevada Short Film Festival. There will be a screening at West Wind El Rancho 4 Drive-In Theater, 555 El Rancho Drive, Sparks, Nevada 89431 on March 27, 2021.

Make something beautiful

February 4, 2021personal, promo

Let’s make something beautiful? (Turn on the sound) I think it’s sometimes hard to demonstrate practical creativity in a meaningful way. After all, the function of creative in a marketing context is to engage the audience enough to get the message, which is not always aligned with the business objective. A lot of “bad” advertising … Read More

Education Equity in SA

February 4, 2021client work

Just launched another branded mini-doc in a series for Google For Education with my pals at Core Productions. Featuring staff and students from the Prinshof School for the Visually Impaired in Pretoria, South Africa, it’s an inspiring look at equity in education.


December 25, 2020Festival, Film

Super excited! Abasement won Best Horror short and The Dead Drop was nominated for Best Children’s short at LIFFT India-World Cine Fest 2020 . As part of virtual festing, I did a Q&A with the festival organizers wherein we chatted themes, process, and the symbolism of Three Women. It was a lovely chat, though in … Read More

Austin After Dark

September 25, 2020Festival, Film

Abasement played at Austin After Dark Horror Festival in Austin TX, taking home finalist awards for best Micro Short and best Cinematography. This year the screening was at Doc’s DriveIn Theatre, so they were still able to show in person.