Bob Newhart in the World of Blade Runner

Bob Newhart in the World of Blade Runner

Posted on Jan 4, 2023 in personal

And other adventures in AI “art.”

Bob Newhart in the world of Blade Runner
I want to see this movie.

Like everyone else working in content and media, I’ve been messing around with AI art and text. There are some thorny questions around automating human effort the ethics around how the machine was trained. Others have weighed in so I won’t here.

I was mostly staying away, and then a VXF supervisor friend convinced me to dig in a little more. He uses Midjourney to make quick look books and rough in tone/vibe. This makes a lot of sense to me. With the carefully considered prompts, you can get to fairly specific looks more quickly than you could searching for swipe and/or sketching (especially you’re me and you haven’t really been cultivating your drafting skills lately). 

Robot making dinner while the family looks on.
I want to see this movie too, but what’s up with her hands and the boy on the right’s body?