Abasement, 2020, 5:54
A man alienated from his life is stalked by shadowy creatures who try to lure him into the abyss.

Cast & Crew


  • Beyond The Curve International Film Festival (France), Winner: Best Horror, Outstanding Achievement
  • Nevada Short Film Festival: Winner, Best Horror
  • Lifft India Filmotsav WorldCine Fest: Winner, Best Horror
  • Wallachia International Film Festival (Romania): Winner, Jury Special Mention
  • Austin After Dark: Nominated Best Micro-short, Best Cinematography
  • Independent Horror Awards: Nominated Best Director, Best Atmosphere
  • Diabolical Horror Film Festival: Nominated Best Sound
  • YoFi Fest: Official Selection
  • IndieFest: Winner, Award of Recognition
  • Onkyo Awards: Finalist
  • Oregon Scream Week: Official Selection
  • Monthly Indie Shorts: Official Selection

Director Statement

I’m drawn to genre as a lens to tell human stories from outside of conventional experience. I made this film because I wanted to cinematically express the visceral feeling of rudderless terror that seems to define so much about “adulting.”

I was interested in exploring how our protagonist, played by the brilliant and fearless Sam Breslin Wright (Madam Secretary, The Beaver, Rescue Me) sees his illusion of choice and control evaporate as he is lured into an abyss by foggy shadows.

At the center of the movie he stares down his reflection as a slightly banal person who’s life has passed him by. There’s something poignant about that private moment, especially knowing that he is not really alone and also suspecting what will befall him.