Visualizing a day in the life

Dengue is a mosquito borne disease found in tropical regions that can cause serious illness and death. With climate change and increased urbanization in the tropical regions, the rate of dengue infections has exploded 30 fold over the past 50 years, with over 400 million infections a year..

As part of early preparations in launching a new vaccine for dengue (a global AOR account I pitched and won, but I can’t show you that work here), we needed to help the marketing and sales folks in various markets envision a different approach to creating awareness and demand for the product.

The story, is simple: a day in the life of a family and how a mother’s awareness of the immediate threat of dengue evolves through technology-enabled ‘micromoments.’

The ask started as a powerpoint deck, which eventually morphed into a little motion graphics enhanced film conceived in our NY office, shot by our Sao Paulo team, and then back to NY for post.